What is outdoor education

Their forerunners—camping, nature study, conservation, and adventure education—paved the way for early school and community leaders to develop experiential programs aimed at living well on earth though understanding how it works.

Human Kinetics Publishers, Some organizations that currently offer such programs for schools are OETS and Wide Aware in Mumbaiand Youreka and Ozone who offer open summer programs based out of Delhi in the north and Bangalore in the south.

They want their students to use a variety of senses in exploring the content to maximize active learning.

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Base Plate Compass Navigation: Navigational abilities can often times help lead one out of a dangerous situation and into safety. The EOC deems outdoor education as "providing depth to the curriculum and makes an important contribution to students' physical, personal and social education.

Once teachers have completed their schooling, many have opportunities to work at various outdoor education centres in either country. Instead of being glued to digital screens, students conduct real-world natural science projects, nurturing a lifelong connection to the land.

Lloyd B. Other times, for those who work in hazardous conditions, such as Forest Rangers, the techniques taught are more involved. Julian Smith —a Michigan administrator, was also influential as a pioneer outdoor educator. FromAlain Kerjean developes Outdoor Education for universities in Romania and advises in France training organizations wishing to design programs based on this pedagogy.

Sometimes basic survival techniques, such as how to start a campfire, are taught to children in organizations such as the Boy Scouts. Many schools and after-school programs such as The YMCA camps lean towards outdoor education, especially during the summer months.

These and other goals were incorporated into the Progressive education movement, which was introduced in some U.

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About Outdoor Learning