Vocabulary used in ielts academic writing

A fair amount of beneficial influence is occurring to us consequently.

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Example : 1. In general, the employment opportunities increased till and then declined throughout the next decade. For example -'The given bar graph shows the amount spent on fast food items in in the UK while the pie chart presents a comparison of people's ages who spent more on fast food.

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According to the If you really need to, use synonyms and different sentence structure. By July, the price of oil has halved.

Vocabulary used in ielts academic writing

According to the The graph gives the figure It can be clearly observed that These will certainly be noticed by the examiner. To summarise, the most marked change is…. Tips: 1. The key is to look at the title of the chart and the information contained on both axes to establish what time frame is used. Present Perfect: We use this tense generally to talk about an action that happened at an unspecified time before now. Below are a range of tenses that could be used in task 1. It could be plainly viewed that Many of you already know the importance but the reason is not finding the reliable resource ends the need. We can see that Example: The least popular mode of transport was buses. You will make or break your impression in this paragraph. It is often said that

Examples: 1 Mobile phones and the Internet are two great innovations of science for communication and have been facilitating people for a long time. If it has projections for the future, for examplewe use future tenses. Past Simple Use this tense to talk about an action that started and finished at a specific time in the past.

Ielts writing task 2 vocabulary

You must use the transitional or connective words in your writing task 2 as it is considered one of the important factors for a high band score. I think Tips: 1. The diagram shows employment rates among adults in four European countries from to Example: If the time is one point in the past, for example January , then we should use the past tense. Write introduction and General trend in the same paragraph. It can be clearly observed that

You should not learn new words in isolation.

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