Use of ict in the field

In earlier times the teacher was the focal point of education, but now the role of teachers has changed a lot.

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It is also helpful in saving time, energy and money. To summarize, enabling ICT in education, and making use of technology in education creates an easy-to-manage learning environment where the delivery of information is so much smoother and the learning easier.

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It aids literacy movements. Lots of social sites are available on it like, Face book, Twitter, Instagram etc. There could be a knowledge about climate change adaptation and on how ICT can help in diminishing the problems it causes.

Internet- and Web-based initiatives have also been developed at the secondary education level. Students can add themselves with the English language learning groups and take advantage of sharing information.

For these institutions, broadcasts are often accompanied by printed materials and audio cassettes.

uses of ict in education

The radio lessons, developed around specific learning objectives at particular levels of mathematics, science, health and languages in national curricula, are intended to improve the quality of classroom teaching and to act as a regular, structured aid to poorly trained classroom teachers in under-resourced schools.

But unlike direct class instruction, school broadcasting is not intended to substitute for the teacher but merely as an enrichment of traditional classroom instruction. It has made the communication facility very fast, convenient, economic, and attractive. Live telecast of training and discussions are done through this.

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Effectiveness of ICT in Education