Unit 3 investigating marketing

Think about a text you have read recently. Include a blank copy of the questionnaire used and images of packaging.

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Where will this be sold? You must be able to provide evidence to justify any conclusions you make! Recruitment planning You are an administration assistant at Ashton Consultants. This is particularly important for using the research in section B to support the proposals in section C and the aims and objectives and research to support the evaluation of your proposed strategy marketing mix in section D. Write down 3 reasons why a business conducts market research 1. Eg is the amount of people who buy shampoo in the UK going to expand rapidly in the future? Thorough A full and detailed investigation is required. Only need to be re-launched to bring new life to the product not a lot of cash needed to survive Products at the decline stage of the product life cycle Questions to ask yourself when looking at Boston Matrix Is the amount of people going to buy the product get any bigger? Nokia will create a marketing mix for this new smart phone. In this Paper, I am appointed as a client manager and my task is to have discussion on the different aspects of marketing with the following aspects with Leslie. Next, learners will examine how a marketing mix is developed to meet the needs and aspirations of a targeted group of prospective customers, before going on to develop a marketing mix for a new product or service.

What was the idea behind some of them? Pros: the first company to identify a niche market can often secure a solid market position as consumers see the original product as superior consumers are willing to pay a price premium for a more exclusive product Cons: lack of economies of scale may make costs too high to achieve satisfactory profit margins the firms production system must be flexible enough to cope with relatively small quantities of several products You need to understand the purpose of market research You need to be able to carry out appropriate market research using primary research - questionnaires, observations, test marketing, focus groups Secondary research internal business data in terms of customer information and financial records External sources commercial research reports, government statistics, trade journals, media sources Market research part C The difference between qualitative and quantitative data How useful is the data?

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Your recommendations should be relevant to the business ie: suggestions must be realistic in terms of cost and feasibility. Are you taking the plunge and selling a new product to a lot of new customers? I will explain how my strategy is based on the principles of marketing. Thorough A full and detailed investigation is required. Nokia will create a marketing mix for this new smart phone. Look at them instead and find a way to get there attention before you hit them Watch the clip and write a note to describe what you see in each one 1. The caterers may increase the volume of the purchased item if they find that the price of the product is going to rise or may decrease the same they predict any fall in price in future. D1 Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques in marketing products in ONE organisation. You should consider how to reduce or eliminate bias in samples or in methods of questioning.

Graphs Graphs, images and quotes should be inserted into the main body of the report when specifically supporting a point. You should consider how to reduce or eliminate bias in samples or in methods of questioning.

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Shampoo developed by GHD to compliment the straighteners Dove recently began targeting older ladies with their shampoo Ansoff Matrix helps form marketing objectives Have you developed a new product Are you trying to remind your customers that your product is still available?

This will help you understand what the requirements of each terms that you will come across in your studies. Summarise in 5 sentences what this article is telling you Companies build a profile of customers based on data available to them.

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Having a virtual candy store would be an excellent idea for children and for those that has to travel to the candy store warehouses. A mission statement is a brief statement that outlines the purpose of the business.

Be able to create a simple promotional campaign.

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