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Constantine, in contrast, garnered the support and trust of Christians, which undoubtedly contributed, to his successful efforts to eventually consolidate the whole Empire under one banner. Vasiliev, Al. You earn the power to see what is true and what is untrue, and the discernment you will need with others to see what is true and untrue within them.

It has different thresholds, for there are things you must learn and unlearn along the way, things you are not even ready for at this moment. Hire a custom writer who has experience. It helped me realize that Jesus will truly always be there for me anytime I need Him to be and all I have to do is ask Him and talk to Him, He will always be there to listen to my pleas and He will always be there to answer my calls. How was I supposed to communicate with the people there? The return to God is not leaving the world. This is the birth of real freedom, inner freedom—the freedom to be truly honest with yourself, the freedom to recognize the truth, the truth that seems to escape all others who want to manipulate their life for their own designs. You do not have a lot of time. Constantine, the warrior emperor who was based in the west of the Empire until then, moved to further east to finally in C. Part of you lives back there still. Related Papers. You must speak for yourself. Christianity, transformed into an unofficial state religion, created revolutionary transformation and helped Constantine to unify all Roman territories under his rule. It is born of the recognition that you are failing in your attempt to organize your life successfully in keeping with how you really feel on the inside. This is all returning strength, power and determination to you and the courage to face things that other people will not face, to take a course of action that few around you are taking, to free yourself from having to have agreement and approval and consensus.

But such an outcome seemed too optimistic in C. The light within you is growing a little stronger every time you choose to follow the truth.

Do not think you can take your time. This is called building wisdom. It showed me that God is all-knowing, all-seeing and all-hearing. If an emperor favoring Nicaea was in power, Arian believers would suffer… behind the bishops and presbyters during and after the Council of Nicaea stood a series of Christian Roman emperors more than willing to intervene in the church's affairs and doctrine. You earn back your strength. Of course the new state religion was yet another step away from the original conception of the Jewish messiah, but the formulation of Paul with his insistence of obedience for existing authority and the importance of paying dues and taxes with respect, as written in Romans , surely made it perfect for the utilitarian purpose it served as an ideological basis for the subjugation of less organized or less powerful. Patristic scholars have revisited the ante- and post-Nicene controversies, reexamining Arius, Arianism, Neo-Arianism, Athanasius, the Cappadocians, etc. You will return to your Ancient Home in time, but your work is here. That is why Knowledge within you is the absolute fundamental power, for it will seek only that which is true and forego all other offers, opportunities and inducements.

Christians rose up and took control of all aspects of Roman society. You do not want your preparation for your greater life to be halfhearted or based upon ambivalence or confusion.

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This can give great rise to anxiety in their mind. It made me realize that God has always been there to guide and protect me. But the worst one was yet to come in That is why you take the Steps to Knowledge.

turning point my life essay

Perhaps now there is a chance, a distant chance but a real chance, that this individual may turn this corner and continue to bring real honesty to their endeavors and have the courage to release those things that are untrue or inappropriate.

It is coming into the world to understand the world, to understand yourself in the world and to follow that which is guiding you to give your specific gifts where they are truly needed, which is something the intellect can never really determine.

Whereas before they were merely ideas, beliefs, hopes and wishes, now they become the foundation of your life, not because of what you believe in, but because of how you live and what you do.

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