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Christian: You mean in WordPress?

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Thank God I use Thesis! Christian: Okay yeah, here. Now go back in the software stats and scripts and go to the top. Christian: Rick, I must be doing something really silly. There we go. And thank you for all your hard work on Thesis.

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I will have to check TwitterLink comments. So as soon as your page loads, it might not say how many people have liked it. Do you have that code open in front of you?

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Are You Sexy? Thanks for making my morning so easy! Inside that function, we inserted these 2 elements. Do you have that code open in front of you? Hesham says: I am always wondering why I don't implement plugins inside WP themes, but going this way will make me lose plugins updates ; The TwitterLink plugin is a mazing and it's kind of popular now, lots of bloggers are running it now! Rick: So now go back to your text file that has the rest of your code in it and from div id fb root, all the way down to the closing script tag right there, copy that. Rick: Yes, big ass save button. Plus we want to pull this background image back up to where it belongs. Christian: Hello Rick. I am a total technophobe so even with this amazing tutorial I'm hesitant LOL Now, in front of that closing div tag, I want you to give yourself a space or line so just hit return. Have a good night!

It makes an amateur "volunteer mom" like me look really professional when designing our school's new website JourneySchool. Jangan sampai kena tembak! Hesham says: I's a very nice feature from Twitter, now we are able to display the Hovercards just like on Twitter site!

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