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Note the crates of bottled water by the refrigerator. She learned, to her horror, that the element has a particularly dramatic effect on young children, with long-term symptoms that can include a lower IQ, shortened attention span, and increases in violence and antisocial behavior—not to mention effects on reproductive and other organs.

He left her a voicemail. Jerry Ambrose insisted the water was safe. There's no cultural authenticity in it -- that would be tribal.

A sample of the water coming out of Lee Anne Walters' tap. A week later, Glasgow came back to do a follow-up test. Th book's so ineffective in its mellerdrayma and cultural falsity it almost seems a parody of an issue that important to many tribal peoples. Students in the research lab at Virginia Tech prepare to test water samples from Flint. Credit FlintWaterStudy. Hanna-Attisha found that the rate of children younger than five with elevated lead concentrations in their blood had doubled—and in some areas, tripled—following the switch to Flint River water. GM pulling out meant the city lost almost half a million dollars a year. Burial will follow at Crestview Cemetery in Laurel. She then launched a concerted organizing and canvassing operation to inform residents of the risk in the absence of any official response. How bad could the water be? Yet another emergency manager in Flint, Jerry Ambrose.

People like Glasgow, those who help operate water plants in older cities like Flint, they worry about corrosion. The iron nail was disintegrating into the water.

And please just give me a phone call back as soon as possible. Worker at the Flint Engine plant. Del Toral was floored. Studies also have tied higher lead levels to significantly increased rates of crime and teen pregnancy.

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In all, graduate students, like Anurag Mantha processed more than samples. Other Flint moms seek her out for advice; one telephoned after tests found that her year-old daughter had the liver function of a year-old.

It tasted weird.

She was born in California.

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