The shadow project

You should know about this book before you pick it up. Nahhhh, Opal gets herself out of it. Throw a dress on Opal, make her less pretty; put the boys in kilts and show off their abs because they obviously have them because they're strong on the inside; OH, and make the old woman young.

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The book was split up into short chapters between all of the main characters. The band have referred to this period of time as the best of their lives though bass player Stewart Page felt unsure of his touring future in the group.

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Why in the world does Michael get the girl? Inthe Portland Public School District donated space for The Shadow Project to house the books and literacy supplies provided to teachers utilizing the goal-setting program.

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With people going missing, a long lost relative to look for and danger around every corner, he really does have his work cut out for him. On completion of the record, Stewart decided to stick with the band and Phillips switched to vocals and third guitar.

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The Shadow Project (Shadow Project, #1) by Herbie Brennan