The relevance of william shakespeares romeo and juliet in todays society

how is the theme of love in romeo and juliet relevant today

His true birthdate is unknown to this day, but his Baptized date was April 26th, in England. Perhaps the relevance of his writing is taken for granted, perhaps it is necessary to re-examine the role of Shakespeare for the modern audience. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers in British history.

In so many aspects, our campus is divided, be it in racial, religious, or sexual spheres.

The relevance of william shakespeares romeo and juliet in todays society

Shakespeare should be required reading for high school and college students. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, sonnets, and 5 long narrative poems.

why is romeo and juliet not relevant today

Often a teacher would create a lesson plan where the students would act out the play, learning from the direct interaction. In my opinion, the Actors from the London Stage did a phenomenal job in transitioning between characters and locations in a matter of seconds.

Juliet find out that Romeo is a Montague.

When was romeo and juliet written

Romeo and Juliet is constantly misunderstood. The message is that Shakespeare uses characterization, settings and the whole structure of the narrative to present a story about tragedy, love, romance , uncontrollable passion, and violence to the audience. References: Clapp, S. My mother and I both walked into the show with different expectations and experiences. Tragedy is what William Shakespeare is most famous for writing about. The main theme of the play is mainly about violence and chaos. During Shakespeare's time, attitudes to love and marriage were very different to the ways we are used to today. They instead focused on the hate of the Capulets and Montagues and the devastating consequences brought about by this prejudice.

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