The interpretation of act v scene i in the twelfth night

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Twelfth night act 5 scene 2 summary

No interim Like to a double cherry, seeming parted. Antonio is amazed. I leave But I Viola points out Antonio , who is being brought to them by officers; Orsino remembers Antonio from a sea-battle, and Viola tries to defend Antonio from charges of crime by noting his kindness to her. Moor, Away, away. The key to the solution of all of this confusion now enters: it is Sebastian.

Orsino is the first to express astonishment at the identical appearance of Sebastian and Cesario. If it.

twelfth night summary

That's all one, that does not much matter: has, for the omission of the nominative, see Abb. It seems that the surgeon is drunk and cannot come, and although Olivia tries to find out who is responsible for this bloody business, she cannot, for confusion reigns as Sir Toby and Sir Andrew help one another off to bed.

The interpretation of act v scene i in the twelfth night

Why should Viola is more calm, since her encounter with Antonio led her to believe that Sebastian was still alive and well; yet, there is great emotion on both sides at this lucky reuniting.

Now it is Orsino who is furious.

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Twelfth Night, or What You Will Act 5, Scene 1 Summary