The influence and importance of agriculture on early societies

Adapting wild plants and animals for people to use is called domestication. Archaeologists and palaeontologists have traced the origins of farming to around 10, years ago, to somewhere in the Indus Valley, and possibly as a separate development in China along the Yangtze River 6.

Traditional ceremonies Ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and religious festivals can take up so much time that the farmer may be unable to work to the maximum efficiency.

history of world agriculture

New farming practices will be more acceptable to farmers if they can be introduced into existing systems without drastic changes. Village people may think that the extension agent is introducing changes to benefit himself.

The influence and importance of agriculture on early societies

They found evidence that the wealth children were born into persisted right up to death and that rich people lived cheek-by-jowl with the poor — who scraped an existence from whatever they could find. Similarly, maize spread from the United States throughout the world as people took it with them on their travels to other countries.

Isotope analysis also revealed that the women were more likely than men to have come from places outside the areas where they were buried, suggesting that they moved to live in the homes of their partners.

In any rural community there will be a number of formal leaders: for example, religious leaders; the chairman of a cooperative; a traditional headman supported by an advisory group of elders; heads of kinship groups and families; a village development committee; local leaders of political parties; or elected councillors.

how did the development of agriculture bring change to human society?

It cannot be overstressed that sustainable practices should not only consider crop production and profit, but must include land management strategies that reduce soil erosion and protect water resources. Farming started in the predynastic period at the end of the Paleolithicafter 10, BC.

Chinese farmers were cultivating rice as early as BCE.

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The dawn of agriculture (article)