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Once she decides that he is not fit for her daughter, she makes it clear that Gwendolen is not engaged to Ernest. Merriman tells Algernon that the dogcart is ready, but Cecily says it can wait.

Cecily tells her that she is not Ernest's ward, but his brother Jack's.

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Chasuble announces for the christenings but Jack explains it is of no use now. In Hertfordshire, Jack has responsibilities: he is a major landowner and justice of the peace, with tenants, farmers, and a number of servants and other employees all dependent on him.

When Jack and Algernon reappear, their deceptions are exposed. Algy too needs to rechristen like that of Jack. Jack is angry at Algernon for stirring up trouble with his Bunburying.

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We learn that Gwendolen is smitten by the name Ernest. Jack explains that the christenings will no longer be necessary. Just when it seems that Jack and Algernon couldn't get into worse trouble, Gwendolen arrives, pursuing Jack, and discovers that his ward, Cecily, is unpleasantly beautiful. Algy in the same day proposes Cecily. He visits an imaginary invalid friend named Bunbury when he needs an excuse to leave the city. When the governess arrives and catches sight of Lady Bracknell, she begins to look guilty and furtive. Jack is angry at Algernon for stirring up trouble with his Bunburying. While Jack changes out of his mourning clothes, Algernon, who has fallen hopelessly in love with Cecily, asks her to marry him. Gwendolen returns. He tells Miss Prism he has returned earlier than expected, and explains that he is dressed in black for his brother, who died in Paris last night. In conversation, they discover that they are both engaged to Ernest Worthing. Jack confesses he has no brother Ernest, nor any brother at all. Miss Prism and Chasuble return. Gwendolen Fairfax, a young lady, loved by Jack Worthing. When Gwendolen asks for his country's address, Algy secretly writes it down on his shirt cuff.

Miss Prism explains that in a moment of distraction she placed the baby in her handbag and left him in Victoria Station, confusing him with her three-volume novel, which was placed in the baby carriage.

Tapping's company toured Earnest between October and March their performance at the Theatre Royal, Limerick, in the last week of October was almost certainly the first production of the play in Ireland.

In the second act, the scene shifts to Jack Worthing's country estate where Miss Prism, Cecily Cardew's governess, is teaching Cecily in the garden. Oscar Wilde He further states that he is going to propose Gwendolen.

He is enraged to find Algernon there masquerading as Ernest but has to go along with the charade. Meanwhile, the men take out their frustration on the remaining tea items, fighting over the muffins while they figure out what to do.

The importance of being earnest summary
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Synopsis: The Importance of Being Earnest