The definition and development of superintelligence

The definition and development of superintelligence

Super Intelligence refers to the development of a machine that can do everything a computer can do and everything a person or collectively many people can do. As the present, however, not enough is known about the neocortex to allow us to simulate it in such an optimized way.

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No matter how intelligent the machine, it still needs guidance on what to do. What is emotional intelligence? It's not clear how such detailed performance feedback on the level of individual neurons could be provided in real-world situations except for certain well-defined specialized tasks. More likely, there are some structural developments in the human cortex that other animals lack and that are necessary for advanced abstract thinking. Developing an adequate initial network structure is a more serious problem. That's without the availability of a super intelligence to oversee disparate AI-driven technologies. There is no scientific consensus concerning either possibility, and in both cases the biological change would be slow, especially relative to rates of cultural change. That is three orders of magnitude less than the upper bound calculated by assuming that there is no redundancy. Start Download You forgot to provide an Email Address. Presumably, Hebb's rule would at least need to be supplemented with reward-induced learning Morillo and maybe with other learning modes that are yet to be discovered. This similarity in the organization of the cerebral cortex extends even to the specific details of cortical circuitry. But the neocortex tends to be highly plastic and that is where most of the high-level processing is executed that makes us intellectually superior to other animals. The Backpropagation algorithm works fine for smallish networks of up to a few thousand neurons but it doesn't scale well. Hans Moravec has done this calculation using data about the human retina Moravec and compared it with known computational demands of edge extraction in robot vision. In any case, the evolutionary approach is only one possible strategy.

The past success of Moore's law gives some inductive reason to believe that it will hold another ten, fifteen years or so; and this prediction is supported by the fact that there are many promising new technologies currently under development which hold great potential to increase procurable computing power.

The latter prerequisite is easily provided even with present technology.

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In retrospect we know that the AI project couldn't possibly have succeeded at that stage. For example, people who have their hippocampus removed, lose their ability to learn new episodic or semantic facts.

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The representational properties of the specialized circuits that we find in the mature cortex are not generally genetically prespecified.

It would be interesting to examine in more detail to what extent this holds true for all of neocortex. Bostrom also raises the possibility of collective superintelligence: a large enough number of separate reasoning systems, if they communicated and coordinated well enough, could act in aggregate with far greater capabilities than any sub-agent.

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There will be a strong and increasing pressure to improve AI up to human-level. All these innovations will give neuroscientists very powerful new tools that will facilitate their research. Some believe super intelligence may never quite manifest as fantasy describes it. It also doesn't mean computers will suddenly develop the emotional abilities needed to replace human interaction in the workforce. ASI would far surpass strong AI. In contrast, a strong AI system would have human-level capabilities in a broad range of areas -- just like most people -- and would be capable of working out a solution when faced with a new problem. It could kill off all other agents, persuade them to change their behavior, or block their attempts at interference. Whether by suitable programming we can arrange the motivation systems of the superintelligences in such a way as to guarantee perpetual obedience and subservience, or at least non-harmfulness, to humans is a contentious topic. If this systems-based superintelligence relies heavily on artificial components, however, it may qualify as an AI rather than as a biology-based superorganism. Messenger Humans are currently the most intelligent beings on the planet — the result of a long history of evolutionary pressure and adaptation. The myth, the legend, the science fiction fantasy -- Super Intelligence. We can also increase the power of a chip by using more layers, a technique that has only recently been mastered, and by making bigger wafers up to mm should not be a problem.

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