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Adele is very pregnant by this time, near her due date. When she goes to the beach, she had "twined a gauze veil about her head and wore doeskin gloves, with gauntlets that protected her wrist" Adele was not carefree because she always worried about her children and if her husband asked her to do something, she would do it right away.

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Merriman Friend of Mrs. Leonce comes home in the middle of the night and talks to Edna while she is sleeping.

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In her husband's eyes she has failed in her duties as a wife and as a mother to her own children. Chopin uses Adele to show how a Creole wife should treat her husband and children because Edna is not Creole and does not treat her husband or children in the correct manner.

The other mothers at Grand Isle, by contrast, are nervous, protective, and self-sacrificing. The main character of the story is Edna Pontellier who is not a Creole.

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The lovers Courting couple on Grand Isle usually seen by themselves, enthralled in their new romance.

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Adele Ratignolle in The Awakening