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Moreover, it is probably that in most classrooms can be found at least one distruptive student who makes it difficult for a teacher to teach the rest of the class and sacrifice enough time for the rest of students.

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Teachers, who do not like their job behave stiffly towards their students, lack versatility, lower student requirements and are at the same time intolerant of student failings. The behaviour of students is definitely one of the main stress providers.

Unfortunately, they cannot depend on their help, friendliness and suport Sek Burnout does not occur as a sudden crisis.

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This results in the feeling of diminished personal accomplishment. What is more, students cannot hear any words of praise, appreciation for good performance, and this reduces their motivation.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Thus, the student who performs poorly on his Matura exam is considered less guilty than the teacher who was not able to prepare the child to successfully pass the exam Nasalska and Stasinska They do not care anymore and do not even try to make their pupils involved in understanding the material. Morover, as it has been proven in numerous studies, the amount of knowledge passed on by burned-out teachers is significantly smaller. Since this term was introduced, burnout research has been continued by many investigators all over the world to examine this phenomenon, and diverse definitions flourished as a result. High school teachers have to adapt to rolling changes in requirements for Matura preparation. Many teachers, especially those in high schools, organize extra classes to prepare learners for their Matura exams. The initial flame fades until it wanes completely and the idealistic picture is finally shattered Sek Their daily duties often include being isolated from their work peers. Thus, the many tasks of teachers are very wide and varied. Burned-out teachers try to restrict contact with students, co-workers, principals and parents to the most possible minimum. The depersonalization phase manifests itself in the form of a cynical attitude toward learners, parents or workmates.

It also happens that that a learner may become a victim of physical abuse from emotionally unstable teachers Tucholska Violence is most common in junior high and secondary schools, where some students experiment with drugs or alcohol and encounter bullies Sek This brings difficulties for professionals who are under a time pressure, as well as for learners who are often not able to master the material.

They are easily irritated, express anger and impatience.

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Very often the equipment teachers work with is old and does not work properly, which is one of the many other obstacles teachers face in their workplace.

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Teacher Burnout Essay Example