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The focus strategy has two variants.

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It is argued that decentralization allows and encourages rapid managerial response to local or product specific problems. This may be between management and unions, or between two different managers.

Important questions of strategic management

So whilst it may be logical in market or production terms to a more divisional structure for example, there is the likelihood that a holding company structure may persist. For example, attitudes to greater levels of risk. Anaalysis which h provide database d mu ust go beyo ond describbing the resource whicch company y has or hass not got i. In many situations prior commitment to principles or specific course of action can give individuals influence. Why some centralized and others decentralized? If it makes or if it buy, to what extent should it do so? The resource deployment analysis will extend the previously mentioned distinctive competency analysis of the existing resources and the required resources into the future for each possible choice.

Strategic implementation concerned with planning how the choice of strategy can be put into effect i. Criteria of suitability: It attempts to measure how far proposed strategies fit the situation identified in the strategic analysis.

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The Appropriate Methods for Implementation: We can divide these methods into three types: 1- Internal development from within. It is argued that decentralization allows and encourages rapid managerial response to local or product specific problems. Answer: Operational areas are important in resource planning. If plant is not flexible enough to handle different products ranges or variants then the only way full utilization can be achieved is by seeking extra volume of sales, usually at low margins resulting in lower profits. This phenomenon is usually known as the experience curve. Since there is more likelihood of being able to use the past as a predictor of the future it is worth investing management time in systematic scanning. The second piecemeal which means understand the environment from overall impact.

Tangible measures are available such as the number of product and process changes developed internally. There are more concerned with using their judgment of the situation on the available facts and also seeing how well different strategies fit the overall strategy of the company.

Such organizations can cope with understanding their environment by seeking for understanding of the environment on an historical basis.

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Discuss the criteria used for evaluating strategic options?

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Strategic Management Final Exam