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NWC is the difference between current assets and current liabilities, so we can use this relationship to find the book value of current assets. Second, if the lawyer turns out to be incompetent and loses the case, the client will not have to pay a bill. For example, the shares of public companies are liquid because they are traded in huge volumes on the stock market.

Management Goals The goals of management may conflict with those of shareholders.

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We are given the necessary information to calculate total assets. In most large corporations, the principals i.

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Financial markets provide extensive data that can be useful to financial managers. In some circumstances, when firms have incentives to act in a manner inconsistent with the public interest, taxes or fees can align private and public interests. Est time: 01—05 Forms of business organization 7. The national chain has a great incentive to impose quality control on all of its outlets. Est time: 01—05 Financial institution functions Listing - Stocks that trade on an exchange are said to be listed. The firm should be willing to pay overtime wages and to incur other costs in order to fulfill the order, as long as it can sell the additional product at a price greater than those costs.

Exchange traded funds ETFs are portfolios of stocks that can be bought or sold in a single trade. Yes, an insurance company is a financial intermediary. This is therefore most likely to align the interests of managers and shareholders.

The marginal tax rate on the next dollar of income is 35 percent. Insurance policy premiums are used to pay claims, create reserves and provide financing for company operations.

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When relationships are short-lived, however, the temptation to be unfair is greater since they provide less reason to fear reprisal and less opportunity for fair dealing to be reciprocated.

Cash Flows to and from the Firm Financial markets: As is typical of other markets, financial markets are a mechanism that brings buyers and sellers together.

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