Short essay about lung cancer

There is not cure for lung cancer or any cancer, but if detected in an early stage the lung cancer can be detected, treated, and hopefully terminated.

causes of lung cancer

The lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, which connects to the rest of the body. Lung cancer is one of the most preventable diseases that exist, yet people continue to voluntarily put themselves at risk, and it still has tragic effects on the person and their family even though there are ways to treat it.

Nowadays, aboutAmericans have lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the four most common cancer.

Lung cancer treatment

When someone puffs cigarette and a person breathes the smoke, consider yourself smoking. It is the most common type of cancer in both men and women in this country MDAnderson. Increased vibrations felt on the chest wall indicates areas of the lung where air spaces are filled with a tumor or fluid. The abnormal cell growth often leads to the formation of tumor. It causes more deaths than colon, breast and pancreatic cancer combined. Every year more than ,00 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer and over , Americans die from lung cancer. The milestone applies to those born in the early s and beyond, meaning a child born today has a one in two chance of developing cancer at some point in their lifetime. The responses were: male 2, or female 4, The abnormal cells can grow, form tumours and interfere with the normal functions of the lung Lungcancer. Lung areas with masses sound dull and flat rather than hollow on chest percussion.

How did it get this way. These chances increase if a person started smoking tobacco at a young age. Every day, there is patients who continue living life undetected for lung cancer, and due to this, they have a chance to end up in a troubling stage four lung cancer.

what is lung cancer

Smoking habit is the main cause of lung cancer.

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Lung Cancer Essay