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This part is pretty sad in my opinion Later, a tyranosaurus rex without hands came because having two tiny hands is not miserable enoughand Shizuru also came and killed the Key.

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Kotarou eventually gathered the occlub and some several punks including Yoshino actually like summoning the reflection of the peeps to defend Kagari. When Kotarou mentions that he is going to become Akane's bodyguard, Shimako flails madly, kicks him and runs out the door.

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Lucia admitted it. Shimako reluctantly agrees, and they share a loving embrace.

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Of course you can just skip the unpopular routes, but I think you shouldn't to appreciate the whole game fully and if you skip a lot, you'll get confused. Shizuru was bedridden and nobody knows why. For the first time since we entered the shelter, colour has returned to the background again, and Akane is beaming with hope. Kagari seemed to be researching about things that's overly difficult for human to understand. The language that QuillBot produces is natural, and will improve overtime as well. Lucia then explained that she was able to kill just by touching things, and she claimed that she's cursed. Even though the world was destroyed, this ending gives a lot of hope for humanity surviving long into the future. Healing: Shimako healed the tree-familiar in the tunnels of Gaia, but this may also be the process of her using an incomplete transcription. Appropriately, I feel. She told Kotarou to take care of little Akane for some time. Shimako had used all her effort on pleading Yumi to attend the Welcome Ceremony. Then, he reached the top only to find dead people. And the other part of Martel led by Suzaki, which is against Kashima Sakura, also refused to acknowledge Kotarou the bodyguard of the next Holy Woman of Gaia. Every kind of love. Suzaki from Martel also gained his trust.

They became buddies later. Here is the only option in the route.

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Shimako appears before Kotarou in the tunnels of Gaia. He sent Akane back, and returned to the dangerous forest. Displaying an act of selfless courage, she tries to reason with Takasago, who responds by slowly crushing her skull.

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I forgot Kotarou used his rewrite ability so he can resist Lucia's poison, and hugged Lucia. I remembered reading about Shizuru getting Mamied. Akane was afraid to bear the sins she committed, but Kotarou said it'll be okay because he'll be with her together to bear the sin. Chihaya's theme Asagao has a fun and bright tone. At that time, Kashima Sakura sent an enormous number of familiars. She also told Kotarou that she lost her sense of taste because of constant usage of the drugs that's why she's invincible to spiciness. Brenda's group hid in a shelter, while Lucia was gone and the researchers couldn't care less about her. There are some cool and badass ones, there are some nice and sweet ones, but there are also some which are not very enjoyable to look at. In the clubroom Shimako and Kotarou play around with doll-familiars, since it's her area of expertise.
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