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Oxford: Clarendon Press, Kinkead-Weekes, Mark. Eight crouded into Seven, by a smaller Type. The young Samuel, being a pious and studious boy, wanted to be a clergyman; his father endorsed the choice but, being a mere joiner that is, a carpenter specializing in domestic interiorscould not afford to pay for the university education that was a requirement for ordination in the Church of England.

He was married twice, in and Of the three, Clarissa has generally been the most highly regarded by critics; in it, Richardson uses the epistolary form with great effectiveness, creating characters that are psychologically convincing while reflecting on some of the most important moral questions of the eighteenth century.

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Bride's Church beside his first wife and children. In following the death of this child, Richardson remarried.

Samuel richardson

Preston, John. For the twentieth century, Clarissa became a largely unread masterpiece; Q. Most of the story is told by the heroine herself. Pamela Pamela was the first novel to become a cultural sensation. It sits pleasantly upon my mind, that the last morning we spent together was particularly friendly, and quiet, and comfortable. Alongside this book work, he printed newspapers, periodicals and pamphlets, among other material. Four of their daughters reached adulthood and survived their father. Ithaca, N. This work implements a modern take on the epistolary novel. What is potentially gained and lost? Eaves, T. The Richardson family moved to East London in , and around this time, Samuel received a brief grammar-school education. Shares in Pamela, sold in sixteenths, went for 18 pounds each.

While preparing this, Richardson became fascinated by the project, and a small sequence of letters from a daughter in service, asking her father's advice when threatened by her master's advances, formed the germ of Pamela; or Virtue Rewarded His industriousness paid off quickly, and his income and influence rose steadily.

Philip Skelton saw Clarissa as "A System of religious and moral Precepts and Examples"; enlarging this view, Smollett found in Richardson's works collectively "a sublime system of ethics.

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