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Show students the reproduction of The Deposition. There are still some Rubens paintings left, vs. In the northern low countries, the newly established Protestant church did not commission them.

Pass out paper and pencils.

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Rembrandt left no diary and few letters. Create your account for free.

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The Origin of Milky Way: this painting finished in portrays Hera spilling her breast milk while feeding her son Heracles. It is that Rubens was the prime inspiration and psychological driving force for Rembrandt during much of his career -- he was the man who ''haunted'' Rembrandt's imagination until Rembrandt finally freed himself. The accent is kept on Rembrandt the isolated individual of genius. The painting is housed in the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague. The writers of this period include Philostratus the Elder ca. There can't be a more popular artist, except maybe van Gogh or Monet. Not commissioned by princes or nobles, but by the newly emerged bourgeoisie. As will be seen, this theory centers on the notion of empathy and conjoins the artist, artwork, and beholder in a single experience. Students will also be assessed on their writings and drawings of an institution that they support as it exists or that they wish to reform.

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Discuss the different patronage systems under which rubens and rembrandt worked

Both types of paintings were popular in the Dutch bourgeois art market, and many painters specialized in them. In contrast, in the sixteenth and seventeenth-century Netherlands, emphasis fell on the stage of actio, the concrete interaction with the public itself, rather than on these preliminary steps. In the etchings of his maturity, particularly from the late s onward, the freedom and breadth of his drawings and paintings found expression in the print medium as well. Studio visits became popular. In these workshops, learning to draw was an essential practice. Rembrandt left no diary and few letters. In he painted The Night Watch , the most substantial of the important group portrait commissions which he received in this period, and through which he sought to find solutions to compositional and narrative problems that had been attempted in previous works. Have students compare the two artworks to determine differences between the two movements as evidenced in these two paintings.

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Inthey had a second daughter, also named Cornelia, who died after living barely over a month.

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Rubens, Rembrandt, and Drawing in the Golden Age