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It has become part of the American culture to be informed of what almost every celebrity icon is doing, and who they are with at the moment. Allowing the shows to take over that much more of their lives.

impact of reality shows on youth pdf

However, reality television shows send a bad message and fixation on instant celebrities. The Hunger games reminds me so much of movie called Death Race Teenage girls are becoming influenced by the television and are turning as skinny as sticks, other contestants are completely embarrassed to try something new again due to the insults they received from the strict judges and the taunts and mockery from other people.

One of the many motivations in cultivating a sense of viewer interaction is to ensure that a show has a dedicated group of viewers.

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Because of the creation of outrageous and unique television series, society has become strongly dependent on technology for their endless entertainment.

Rough Draft Reality Television Today while watching a movie on cable, there were four to five minute breaks of commercials.

impact of reality shows on society pdf

Where are we Going Dad? Many researchers have proven that the choices of reality television stars are often imitated by teenagers because they may feel compelled to follow the reality stars they see on television due to the desire to be popular, f According to a recent survey, the average child spends at least 4 hours each day watching television.

There seems to be a few different sides of reality TV that make it so entertaining for people to watch.

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Shows like Big Brother suggest that anyone can become famous by participating on a reality television show and lounging around in a house all day shouting abuse without working hard or having any particular talent at all. I never really could have thought just some of the stuff we watch on television like Big Brother, could be impacting us in any way. Good job on the works cited and essay is good, just add transitions. Reality stars are becoming role models to teenagers rather than their peers or parents. Nevertheless, these modern shows that captures the lives of the stars have drawn attention from both youth and adult viewers Couples that were once said to be invincible proved everybody wrong, and let the pressure of being famous take over their lives. Nancy Borg And these are only a few of them. Reality television shows have been on television for numerous years and are changing. Many reality TV shows are mixed with scripted and unscripted scenes What stars or people can we look to for evidence of life after the show? Reality TV shows also seem to reward people for their bad behavior. People from all over the world let television run their lives and with all the television shows such as, the overly exaggerated reality show Jersey Shore a show that targets the age bracket of twelve to thirty-four year olds promoting domestic violence, partying, and alcohol.
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Reality television Research Papers