Pestle analysis of harley davidson in uk market

The marketing strategies are mainly focused on providing Harley drivers a unique experience in order to connect them with the Harley-Davidson brand. This is data of the year on the top 5 of the number of sales: France: Italy: Germany: Spain: United States: ACEM, It is also important to have a look on the sales of the motorbikes in Europe compare to the United States, what is the current situation of this two different markets and how it is growing or not.

harley davidson swot analysis 2018

Distant rallies and forgotten highways. That same year, motorcycles were produced The organization offers 35 different models of custom and touring bikes through a worldwide network of more than 1, dealers.

Surprisingly, Harley-Davidson and other Motorcycle manufacturers do not take advantage of the technology currently in use that grants their bikes more economical gas mileage.

harley davidson swot analysis

For these new markets Harley- Davidson created new products: lighter and cheaper motorcycles. The heart for the organization is based in 5 values.

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Retail Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Sales. The increase in motorcycle shipments is the result of ongoing implementation of the Company's manufacturing strategy and efforts to satisfy demand. Harley-Davidson is always developing relationships with all of their stakeholders — customers, employees, investors, suppliers, governments and society. Findings of an intensive market study, the early stages of which were completed in , show that short-term growth opportunities will come from existing markets in this region-led by Japan and Australia-with long-term growth coming from developing new markets. Donald Trump vows to make ammendments in the international trade policies. Legal Factors Harley-Davidson must satisfy legal requirements. Marketing Harley-Davidson is the leading company in motorcycle manufacturing. The infrastructure and strategies that we've put in place will provide a solid foundation for continued success as the heavyweight motorcycle market grows and develops here.
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