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This theory came about after the discovery of the thalamus as a physical unit of the brain that can instantly transmit messages. Hats off! In Igatpuri we went trekking which is an adventure activity; if we used only Sense Perception it could be very dangerous.

in what ways are senses a valid way of knowing

His foolish actions, all done in an unclear mind, would cause him to be exiled and separated from Juliet. It includes all our 5 senses- sight, smell, touch and taste. Emotions can also be viewed as both rational and irrational because they usually involve both logic ability and personal beliefs.

In support of this idea he gives the example of a piece of wax which is observed in its solid form and its liquid form.

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Hence, she chooses to disregard her own safety to ensure the well being of her own child. Since we react by instinct, reasoning is not enhanced by emotion for there is no time for the mind to rationalize.

Another time that emotion undermines reasoning is shown is when a mother fearlessly jumps into the ocean to save her drowning child.

How does sense perception affect knowledge

Shakespeare demonstrates many cases of emotions undermining reasoning in his plays. Then later she was called in to identify a person from a line-up of suspects, much to her surprise she picked the same person as she did from the pictures, this made her sure it was that very person who had committed that crime against her. Hence the physical feelings are the emotions. It is such a great help to have word counts of different sections and a detailed description on how to score high marks. Absolutely great. Due to the fact that the emotion is produced without cognitive reasoning but physiological responses, we can conclude that emotion can exist purely on its own without reason, hence undermining it. Later we realise it was another person all this while who looked similar to the person she picked out, this makes us wonder- how much can we trust our senses? Her emotions of love and affection for her offspring overpower her concern for the safety of her life, which reason serves to bring to mind. You saved my life. It is the reason we are what we are today as the human race, the most advanced species on this Earth.

Here, emotion stands opposed to reason, since we have already established reason to be any kind of cognitive activity. In an experiment conducted by him, he concluded that we tend to label our behaviour and control our feelings according to our environment and how others are acting.

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For example, meeting someone with a sharp knife in a dark alley at the stroke of midnight may cause physiological responses such as an increased heart rate and perspiration. They arrived at this theory because they believed that just thinking about or seeing a snake has no real effect until after the body has responded. A big thank you from Dallas, TX. So these three Ways of Knowing come together to affect and manipulate our Sense Perception. As while we are trekking we always have to see where to take our next step and will we trip or not, we can only make this decision after we have reasoned out what will happen if I place my foot here or there. The action of your heart beating faster and your palms becoming sweaty is not enough to show that one is in love. I find it absolutely incredible that you take the time to answer students and write your posts. It is our basic point of entry into this world.
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