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In the case of YT if one objective is to ensure at least 2 tonnes of freight are on each truck, and the actual result is only 1 tonne, YT will need to take corrective action.

Thus it is recommended that a reasonable cash balance be maintained so that liquidity and profitability be maintained. Moreover, efficient cash management means more than just preventing bankruptcy.

Techniques of cash management

The management of Sports Products, Inc. Forecasting While planning investments, the managers need to be very careful as they need to plan for future contingencies and also ensure profitability. On the one hand, it helps maintain liquidity and meet working capital needs. While investing in short-term investments an organization must ensure liquidity and optimum returns. A speculative cash balance is maintained to be able to benefit from opportunities that arise. There may be times when the organization will have surplus cash, thus discouraging withdrawals instead it may require to make investments. Money Market Fund: While carrying on a business, the surplus fund should be invested in the money market funds which are readily convertible into cash whenever required and yield a considerable profit over the period.

Re: Main Objectives of Cash Management. Obviously, the prospect of such a dire consequence should compel companies to manage their cash with care.

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At the same time, a business should pay its suppliers as late as possible. Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra Main Objectives of Cash Management - April 4th, Cash management is a broad term that refers to the collection, concentration, and disbursement of cash. Explain companywide strategic planning in its four steps 2.

Objectives of international cash management

Contrarily, when cash available with firm is less, firm is unable to pay its liabilities in time. Cash Deposits CDs : If the company has a sound financial position and can predict the expenses well along with availing of a lengthy period, it can invest the surplus cash in the cash deposits. So the cash management for treasury can also be a core function. However, the company should not invest the sum until it reaches the upper limit, to ensure maximum return on investment. Other functions Cash management also includes monitoring the bank accounts, managing electronic banking, pooling and netting of assets, etc. However, a business can also buy raw materials on credit so that such purchases do not result in any cash outflows until the payables due date. The movement of cash is generally seen across the lower limit and the upper limit. Thus, cash management involves maintaining a targeted cash balance, the benefits of which exceed the opportunity cost of holding it. This model emphasizes on maintaining the optimum cash balance in a year to meet the business expenses on the one hand and grab the profitable investment opportunities on the other side. Cash Management Strategies Cash management involves decision making at every step. When outflows are more than cash inflows in such situation proper cash planning is needed, otherwise the firm will face insolvency or closure of the firm. The cash budget is a forecast of cash requirement and its specific period when the same will be needed. This will ensure faster recovery and it will also assist the business to predict bad debts and unforeseen situations. Wisely Using Banking Services: The services such as a business line of credit, cash deposits, lockbox account and sweep account should be used efficiently and intelligently.

Cash Management Strategies Cash management involves decision making at every step. As it requires financial expertise, the company may need to hire consultants or other experts to perform the task by paying administrative and consultation charges.

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Cash Management Objective