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Since, then this debate has been raging in the society with growing discontent and causing more division within society. So again, a system designed to help the poor, ultimately impacts them negatively but these events can never be quantified and as they are so much spread in every part of the country, it is considered a normal phenomenon. This lowering of standard breeds inefficiency, discourages the really meritorious and negates the very concept of equality of opportunity. India, as a country, has been divided on the basis of caste, creed and religion since times immemorial. A closer look at the legal debates should persuade us that the political ideals of the Mandal Commission dominate the way the criterion is being advocated for and argued over. Unemployment in India has increased from the time India gained its independence. The petition challenged certain provisions of the Constitution which enable the "Vote hankering politician to perpetuate the reservation policy in an endemic manner which has totally corrosive effect on the fabric of Indian society by dividing it in an artificial manner and stints its growth beyond reprieve,[ outlook 03 March ] Conclusion Thus reservations are anti-thesis of development and equality. In the year , Supreme Court declines to entertain a PIL against Reservation Policy seeking to quash the reservation policy based on caste and religion and to implement it on the basis of economic condition. Meritocracy is meaningless without equality. I want my country to be a first-class country in everything. Determinants such as poverty, occupation, place of habitation may all be relevant factors to be taken into consideration. Dronacharya, the teacher of Arjun, the great archer of the epic Mahabharat, demanded his thumb as Gurudakshina Fee , even though he had refused to teach him archery fearing that he might surpass. It is a shame that in this computer and space age we, by institutionalizing our reservation policy, admit that we are a decadent society based on caste. Disadvantages of Reservation System Caste-based and not Merit-based The biggest disadvantage of reservation system is that in case of competitive exams the selection of an individual should be on the basis of merit and not on the basis of caste but reservation defy this logic and it rewards people on the basis of their caste and merit takes a back seat. The court further held that it does not mean that if once a caste is considered to be backward it will continue to be backward for all other times.

It is really damaging to the nation as a whole that instead of tackling our population problem largely due to the illiterate, backward and superstitious people of backward classes, we give them the lollipop of reservations!

This means there is an increase in poor BC students opting for higher studies. Hence in simple words due to reservation politicians get chance to play with emotions of people by using it as a tool for winning elections and not using it for the betterment of the people of the country.

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Recently a petition has been moved in the Supreme Court with the plea that benefits of reservation and other government schemes given to SCs and STs were not reaching the actual beneficiaries due to the creamy layer in these communities which were taking away the quota benefits.

Total 37 people died in these protest. It is believed that the system supersedes merit in certain circumstances, when meritorious candidates are deprived of the jobs or admissions so that candidates of backward classes can be accommodated as per the reservation system.

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The institutes take students from as early as class 11th and some join later, post class 12th. In other words due to reservation system backward class people who are poor not only get preference over other candidates for the job but also get the concession for fees while applying resulting in saving money.

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In other words due to reservation system backward class people who are poor not only get preference over other candidates for the job but also get the concession for fees while applying resulting in saving money. There is no doubt that reservation has helped people from the backward community to stand and compete with people of upper caste but at the same time, the policy has been in implementation from such a long time that now people who are already benefited from this system now their 4th and 5th generation are taking advantage. Inter-Caste marriages should be promoted as they are the best way to reduce the caste barrier. Migration of Talent The real talented people of India, the one who truly deserve to be here are not getting enough job opportunities, better career options making them migrate to foreign countries where they are offered handsome amount for their skills. I am bent upon freeing India from any yoke whatsoever. But today the meaning of reservation has changed drastically. Reservations are nothing but means to prosper the vote banks of politicians. Time has come to amend the laws and change rules for the good. It is this provision, which enables our governments to keep extending and expanding reservations to pander to vote bank sentiments. What image does it convey in the international field? What actually constitutes a backward class?

Ultimately, it is the merit that matters. This is a clear case of reverse discrimination. In order to understand about this system, one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of reservation system — Advantages of Reservation System Promoting Backward Classes The biggest advantage of reservation system is that it helps in promoting backward class people because in developing countries like India backward class people are unable to get a good job and living standard not because of lack of skill rather due to their caste as they are considered to be untouchables and that is the reason why they are offered work which cannot be done by upper caste people.

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Reservation in India Advantages and Disadvantages