Managing under uncertainty course outline

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You must be fully prepared for lectures and in class activities, having completed the pre-reading for the lectures and having thoroughly prepared for any work allocated as in class activity. Maximax Criterion: This criterion, also known as the criterion of optimism, is used when the decision-maker is optimistic about future.

Thus, the decision-maker selects the maximum regret for each of the actions and out of these the action which corresponds to the minimum regret is regarded as optimal.

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The action with highest average is regarded as optimal. Mapping out any potential problems that could aggravate this ambiguity. The regret criterion is based upon the minimax principle, i. Making sure your employees effectively manage stress and anxiety during times of uncertainty. Attendance and full participation is a compulsory part of your learning as is full preparation for the lectures and in-class activities, as prescribed in Blackboard. Lay Textbook Chapter Sections 1 1. We note that the regret in selecting A2 is zero. We experience uncertainty about a specific question when we can't give a single answer with complete confidence. We have a communication plan of more than 2 pages. Vectors in -space, vector equations of lines and planes.

An under the state of nature Sj are X1i, X2j, Practice Test Decision making under Uncertainty example problems A decision problem, where a decision-maker is aware of various possible states of nature but has insufficient information to assign any probabilities of occurrence to them, is termed as decision-making under uncertainty.

Please check the web after your enrolment to confirm that you are in the lecture selected. The regrets for various actions under different states of nature can also be computed in a similar way.


Our people know the importance of risk management. A more realistic approach would, however, be to take into account the degree or index of optimism or pessimism of the decision-maker in the process of decision-making. An under the state of nature Sj are X1i, X2j, Reporting any uncertainty accurately in the beginning. We feel uncertainty about a situation when we can't predict with complete confidence what the outcomes of our actions will be. The dot product and orthogonality. If a, a constant lying between 0 and 1, denotes the degree of optimism, then the degree of pessimism will be 1 - a. Subspaces of -space. You are required to register for lectures Group 1, Group 2 or Group 3 via my hub. We note that the regret in selecting A2 is zero. A situation of uncertainty arises when there can be more than one possible consequences of selecting any course of action. If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh — Marketing Manager 03 Email: mkavanagh preftrain.

Regret Criterion: This criterion focuses upon the regret that the decision-maker might have from selecting a particular course of action.

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