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Strategies include using biogas from manure. In a list compiled by DoSomething. The majority of rural households and a significant number of urban households own some sort of livestock, The comparison between and of urban and rural households that rear livestock shows that the number and proportion of urban households with chicken and pigs decreased, while the number and proportion of urban households with sheep increased.

Both corn and cattle are bought and sold via commodity market prices. California ranked fourth behind Texas, Iowa and Nebraska in total livestock receipts for In developed countries, on the other hand, production and consumption of livestock products are now growing only slowly or stagnating, although at high levels.

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Coincidentally, China has 16 cities on a list of the 20 worst polluted cities in the world Fawssett,p. Ionophores were originally developed as coccidiostats for poultry and prevent coccidiosis in cattle as well.

Key words: Timor-Leste; livestock; wellbeing; development Introduction The livestock species play very important economic, social and cultural roles or functions for rural households once they contribute to improve income and wellbeing of the farm family.

This livestock asset could be seen as "bank account" and it is also an important source of family savings that can be used in years of low crop production, reducing income insecurity and household vulnerability, being an important source of risk reduction and security increase.

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Should we base the foundation of our eating habits on animal welfare.

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Livestock production: recent trends, future prospects