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The final draft of the research paper is due on May Show partial proficiency in a language other than English, then declare a Concentrated Study for the remaining credits see below The full list of rules for language placement and exemption can be found on the catalog's Foreign Language page. Scroll to the bottom of the Programs of Study page on the college catalog for a complete list of minors and their requirements. During the semester, substantial class time will be devoted to discussions about writing. Note that this is a seminar, not a lecture class, so class participation is required. The only exception is a documented medical reason. The rough draft of the research paper is due on April 19; I will makes notes on the draft and return it to you within one week.

See your academic advisor for more information. Writing Requirement Strong writing skills are an essential part of a liberal arts education.

What kind of courses can be electives?

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Nearly anything. Minors Hunter offers 49 different undergraduate minors. We will discuss ways to cite sources and avoid plagiarism, but it is always your responsibility to make sure that any work bearing your name is yours alone. I do not accept late papers.

If you must be absent on the date a paper is due, please email me the paper on the date due and bring a hard copy of the paper to the next class you attend. NOTE: All papers are due in hard copy at the beginning of class. Foundational courses may count towards the requirements of some majors, but often they do not.

In other words, a weak first paper will count less if subsequent papers are stronger. To ensure that this requirement is satisfied correctly Advising strongly recommends students meet with their advisor for clarification and proper next steps.

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This is actually good news, because you can use your remaining credits to explore new areas of study, satisfy your curiosity, and take advnatage of exciting opportunities which might not fit into other requirements.

You will also be required to write a research paper of 2, words 5 to 7 pages. The best resource to explore all of Hunter College's majors is the college catalog, particularly the Programs of Study page.

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