How to write a cover sheet for a report

There are a lot of things that go into a professional Microsoft Word document. Many job seekers have particular situations that may seemingly hurt their chances of landing work. Changed your mind about the entire cover page? It should then be followed by your official name written in full.

It is also essential that your title is catchy to draw in your readers.

report cover page template microsoft word

Change the date fields with the dropdown arrow and select a date from a calendar. Brand: The cover page of your report should have a style, color scheme, and font type that are consistent with your company brand.

Report cover page template microsoft word free download

For a scientific research report, you may want to add a flashier cover image, such as a globe, body of water, or nature scene. It should not be confused with an executive summary, which is the narrative usually found at the beginning of a report, which indicates key findings and recommendations. Try to sum up the purpose of the report as succinctly as possible — in one or two sentences maximum. Ensure the margins are set at one inch. The header for the works cited page s should be similar to the header for the inner pages, which includes author name and the page number at the top. Read More in mind for the next document you want to be unique. Example: Attached please find an update on the re-branding campaign project the graphic arts department is conducting. She has a master's degree in advertising. The most important thing that all our assignment providers also stress upon is that the cover page of an assignment should be compelling enough. B Salutation: Address your cover letter like a professional.

Below is an example of the first page if a cover page is used. Very simple basic corporate cover page. It all starts with your first sentence. It also provides a market summary which details cost projections and anticipated revenues moving forward, in month increments.

You should also include a running head where the page number appears, and your last name appears in the right corner. Here is a MLA format cover sheet sample for your reference.

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