Hannibal and hamiclar barca the punic wars

Philip, who attempted to exploit Rome's preoccupation in Italy to conquer Illyrianow found himself under attack from several sides at once and was quickly subdued by Rome and her Greek allies. But now the 20, man army had to be paid their full due.

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Hamilcar, on his own responsibility and without the consent of the Carthaginian government, [70] ferried the army across to Gades to start an expedition into Hispania BCwhere he hoped to gain a new empire to compensate Carthage for the loss of Sicily and Sardinia.

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In their army were Numidian cavalrymen, who were loyal because their commander Naravas was betrothed to a daughter of Hamilcar. Scipio retreated across the Trebia to camp at Placentia with his army mostly intact.

Hannibal and hamiclar barca the punic wars

In their army were Numidian cavalrymen, who were loyal because their commander Naravas was betrothed to a daughter of Hamilcar. When Rome later defeated Antiochus, one of the peace terms called for the surrender of Hannibal; to avoid this fate, he may have fled to Crete or taken up arms with rebel forces in Armenia. The Celts were amassing forces to invade farther south in Italy, presumably with Carthaginian backing. The Turdetani surrendered. However, the Carthaginian authorities waited until the whole army had gathered at Carthage, probably by the summer of BC. The war started to improve for Carthage when they were aided by Rome, who repatriated captured Carthaginian soldiers for free, and the tyrant of Syracuse Hiero, who feared that without Carthage then Rome might act at will in the central Mediterranean. As a result, Hannibal fought no more major battles in Italy for the rest of the war. Once more Hamilcar was asked to clear the mess. To avoid this, Hannibal deceived the Romans into thinking that the Carthaginian army was going to escape through the woods. Gnaeus Servilius and Gaius Flaminius the new consuls of Rome were expecting Hannibal to advance on Rome, and they took their armies to block the eastern and western routes that Hannibal could use. His exact route over the Alps has been the source of scholarly dispute ever since Polybius, the surviving ancient account closest in time to Hannibal's campaign, reports that the route was already debated. Hasdrubal defeated the rebels, killing 8, and taking 2, prisoners before returning to Iberia. In BC, Hamilcar transferred his army at night by sea [21] to a similar position on the slopes of Mt. Hamilcar was a common Punic name; in fact, another general of the same name preceded him in command. Long-time rivals Hamilcar and Hanno could not agree on the best strategy and eventually the army was permitted to choose which general should lead them.

Unfortunately, the People's Assembly at Rome did not accept this, and the terms were tightened: Carthage lost some additional islands, talents had to be paid at once, and for the next ten years, Carthage would have to pay talents.

The onslaught of Hannibal's cavalry was irresistible. The Romans people didn't accept these terms and in addition to the terms agreed upon they demanded talents more; instead of payment in 20 years Carthago had to pay the talents in 10 years.

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