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However, it does not require students to work collaboratively on the report in terms of developing ideas and shaping its overall structure. How easy or hard would it be to obtain good information on the topic?

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In this page, the author expresses his gratitude and concern by using praising and thanksgiving words. Managing each of these stages effectively will greatly enhance your group performance. Academic Skills Centre. Some instructors add an individual component to group projects e.

Without guidelines, one or two students in a group often end up writing the group report, and this can create workload issues, and resentment when marks are distributed.

The length of the overall document should be around 80 to pages for it to be an effective project report.

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Over the course of the semester, he periodically asks students to evaluate both the dynamics of the team as a whole and their own contributions, and to reflect on ways to improve both as the project continues. This will give you an opportunity to address issues such as allocation of roles, time management and task completion.

Bibliography The Benefits of Group Work As stressful as group work is in college, it can actually be beneficial in the long run because it closely parallels the group dynamics of participating on a committee, task force, or on a collaborative team project found in many workplaces.

This chapter should contain brief background information about the project, the methodology implemented for problem solving and the outlines of the results and future scope of the project. Decide roughly how long how many words or pages each section should be.

Clarify how each section relates to all the others.

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