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This provides both visual and tactile imagery.

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Autumn has been personified and compared to women farmer sitting carefree on the granary floor; there blows a gentle breeze and the hairs of the farmer are fluttering. The end of summer and beginning of autumn is literally the completion of natural and manual labor.

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Both poems are based on autumn but they portray it in different ways. As autumn provides great resources to all the people, the people also emulate the same idea. Firstly, there is no flight from reality, or deviation into imagination or dream, in fact there is no narrative voice at all.

Most of his poetry was crammed into the last few years of his life, which is why some of his poems relate death. His work is known for sensuous descriptions of the beauty of nature and deep philosophic questions that it often brought up.

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Woman as erotic object has been banished from this placid landscape. In the Poem Ode to Autumn, Keats mainly utilizes rustic, vivid, visual and tactile imagery to describe the scenes of Autumn.

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John Keats was a famous poet who grew up in an idyllic life until tragedy continuously stroked until his death at twenty-five years old. Without knowing the meaning behind even the title one cannot understand this poem. He is not troubled by the thought of the approaching winter nor by that of the vanished spring. After Keats had composed this poem, he wrote a letter to his friend calling his work a genesis Flesch. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Keats section. He understands maturity and ripeness as one with old age and decay. He is content with the autumn music, however pensive it may be. In conclusion, Keats has produced a technically superb poem, utilising many of the tools available to the poet, to give on the literal level a description of season of Autumn, or on the symbolic level a description of the cycle of life. It has spared the margin of the stalks intertwined with flowers. For him the poetry of the earth is never dead. It is quite fitting that his greatest piece was the last one that he ever wrote before he met with his unfortunate end. The poem ode to autumn was written in
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Ode to Autumn Essay