Elements of writing a folk tale

examples of folktales

The most common phrase connected with a fairy tale is "once upon a time. Cinderella's problem was that she wanted to go to the ball, her fairy godmother provided a solution to the problem and, thus, Cinderella met the prince.

Examples of common motifs include journeys through dark forests, enchanted transformations, magical cures or other spells, encounters with helpful animals or mysterious creatures, foolish bargains, impossible tasks, clever deceptions, and so on.

Folktale motifs i. The Princess and the Frog is an example of a fairy tale, which is a type of folktale. Would you say they were well developed?

Since fairy tales have common elements, they are useful in teaching students how to write. These characters are often described as kind and good natured. Folktales often use a technique — stylized intensification, which occurs when, with each repetition, an element is further exaggerated or intensified.

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Correct response: The language was exaggerated.

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Folk Literature