Effect of social networking sites on academic performance of students

hypothesis on impact of social media

Technological Forecasting and Social Change,— Google Scholar Liccardi, I. This is sad to hear because with all the advantages social networking can give, there are also disadvantages, like this, that can be or give bad effects to people who use them. Google Scholar Ellison, N.

Also the average facebook user studied for hour per week while non-facebook would studied hour per week. The students do not concentrate on their studies because their concentration is divided into study and Facebook both.

Google Scholar Yadegaridehkordi, E. Time wasting is a major issue in this regard. It is obvious that if children are spending hours at night on social media than teachers will see the negative results of poor concentration.

questionnaire on impact of social media on students

This habit has forced some to put limits on their Facebook usage.

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Impact of Social Networking Sites on Academic Performance of Students