E-business planning activities for a meeting

The main sections that must be covered include a brief description of the company itself, market and industry information, an operations plan, a list of marketing ideas and a final operational budget.

Two important promotion avenue also are: PR - create a great press release and a PR plan to gain as much exposure as possible Direct mail - if you have lots of contacts, send them a mail shot and tell them to spread the word.

Deploy to Production — Completing the project is the most exciting part of every undertaking.

website business plan

Defining your business' purpose in your business plan keeps you focused, inspires your employees and attracts customers. In this investment climate startups will need significant funding, while investors are unlikely to provide it.

Make it easy to read. However, the speed with which the Internet evolved as a business tool caused many ERP efforts to be suspended and sent companies back to the drawing board to determine how their systems should operate in an e-business environment.

Then, to keep the project progress transparent and measurable, we use six main deliverables described below: Product Vision Statement - A quick summary describes the goals of the product. BTS provides business assistance to startup technology companies, or organizations planning or integrating new technologies; develops and manages technology projects; performs technology evaluation and commercialization, and assists in technology-based economic development.

Estimate min-max Tasks from the Backlog - When the team finishes with the product backlog, we estimate how much time we need to develop each feature. Even though investors were protected by SEC regulations, they were enticed by company officers, analysts, and financiers to put funds into companies that had little chance of success.

Who sells them? First, the company's market may not be adequately explained or understood by the entrepreneur.

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Essentials to Creating a Powerful Marketing Plan