Development through life stages essay

Development through life stages essay

Birth years- Throughout these years the development of a child; physically, intellectual, emotionally and social is huge. I paid attention how their behaviors differed from those of the college students. She also became smart street wise because she learnt thing that she never knew before. At this age she could I identify her feelings. Conception… Immediately upon conception, cellular development begins. Intellectual: In young adulthood, each year brings about the entrance in to college for millions of young people. P5: Explain the physical and psychological changes which may be associated with ageing. The effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol could lead to behavior problems. This means in these chromosomes there is DNA which holds which controls what a person looks like, how there behave etc. This was due to environment around her. Developmental: The development of the nervous system is essential. Each person moves through these stages during life, which directly affects his or her success in the next stage. One such example of cognitive decline is dementia. In the alarm stage a stresses will occur that causes one to be stressed, during this you will show different signs of stress such as; sweaty palms, fast heart rate and high blood pressure.

When people retire they lose contact with the coworkers and peers that they once saw on a daily basis. Some people like to carry on working until their body is no longer able to allow them to carry on working. Cognitive decline continues to increase as a person nears the end of their life.

Stages of life essay

Is when puberty started and physical my grandma could see that she had inherited a lot of physical features for example her mother and her grandma had large breast and she started developing large breast. This fall could lead to a variety of different illness depending on this extent of the fall. Cognitive develop continues into early childhood and occurs at a rapid rate. Permissive parents are generally nurturing and communicative with their children, often taking on the status of a friend more than that of a parent. Research has shown the language plays a role in shaping the self-esteem. For puberty to occur it involves two pacific parts of the brain. This is when bonding and forming attachment to main care providers is first established.

This will give them the opportunity to socialism with old childhood friends or to go and do activities that they enjoy doing such as bingo or golf. Learning to use everyday objects is an important development at this age.

Early childhood spans from the age of three through the age of five. This could causes stress and depression for the individual. Many emotional disturbances that are hereditary could also affect the prenatal development of a child.

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Some people are naturally more intelligent than others and this cannot be disputed. They take on more responsibilities with having to concentrate more on their academics, control their behavior, and pay attention for longer periods of time to teachers.

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For example, children who grow up in an abusive family must look outside the family for stable, affectionate care.

With good environmental support, children thrive.

Early childhood stage of development

None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. Likewise, just as the presence of social support has a positive influence on stress management, the lack of social support has a negative effect. Intellectual- During this life stage, the intellectual state of the women will improve as she will learn new skills on how to look after a new born baby. Why are they doing that. Men reach their peak performance on many skills around a year later than women do. Layer one is the brain, nervous system, skin, eyes and ears. Intellectual: In young adulthood, each year brings about the entrance in to college for millions of young people. Conception… Immediately upon conception, cellular development begins. Personality gradually stabilizes as people age.

As a teenager will try to fit into a group of friends, a person will allow this group to influence their behavior to help boost their self-esteem. Emotional she was angry, hurt, crushed and frustrated and she lash out on her parents but after a while she understood.

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P3: Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development of the individual Though out life every person will go many different events in their life.

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M1 AND D1 Development through life stages Essay