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It is important, however, to remember that you also need to interpret the quotes to the reader, and to explain their relevance, discuss their validity, and show how they relate to other evidence. Were there any limitations to this method? How to write critical review in a dissertation? Decisions about style of presentation may need to be made about, for example: whether you want to begin with an initial overview of the results, followed by the detail, or whether you move immediately into the detail of the results; in which order you will be presenting the detailed results; and what balance, in terms of word space, you want to achieve across the spread of results that you have. Indeed, a significant proportion of offences committed by offenders are either unreported, or do not result in the offender being convicted Abel et al. As you edit and rewrite your dissertation you will probably gain and lose references that you had in earlier versions. An assignment using only descriptive writing would therefore gain few marks. A good literature review will also state the arguments to be made, as well as underlying rationale that underpins these arguments. Writing a critical review demands a thorough understanding of the literature review. If this is the case for you, focus on the methods used by various researchers.

By Ankita Agarwal on August 30, Dissertation writing is an important part of most post graduation and doctorate programs.

Leave time to check and proofread thoroughly. The dissertation is written into sections and sub-sections so as to make it easy to read and comprehend.

If you are determined to show that you aware of the available literature out there, try writing techniques such as: There is robust literature available concerning the migration patterns of Syrian refugees. If this is the case for you, focus on the methods used by various researchers. Even the early chapters submitted for assessment, and passing that assessment, may need to be revised later on.

This demonstrates that you are very familiar with the academic research in your field.

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The other key element in critical writing is the overall structure of your piece of writing. How about your methodology? Notable works include: XyZ Make recommendations for future research in this section too, which demonstrates your analytical skills and will score you some extra points.

They will save you countless hours trying to figure out how to use Harvard or APA referencing correctly.

Contents, and figure and table lists The contents pages will show up the structure of the dissertation. Whilst in some cases a dissertation literature review can be a simple summary of important sources, most often it requires you to critically engage with the text to convey your opinions of it, as well as any critiques that you may have.

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The dissertations are mostly submitted at the end of the study program and therefore the student is expected to make the best use of the knowledge gained throughout the course syllabus.

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