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The existing security agencies have failed in their duty as part of the group to ensure that the disruptions of cyber crimes cease instead of creating over criminalization of an issue, which just requires realistic approaches to avoid Pisara? It prohibited access of computer material without authorization, unauthorized access to computer information with intentions of committing further offences and modification of materials in a computer without any authorization. Data subjects are people whose personal data is stored, the rights given to data subjects are: right of subject access, right of correction, right to prevent distress, right to prevent direct marketing, right to prevent automatic decisions, right of compliant to the information commissioner and right to compensation. Reduce email spamming This may be reduced by: never replying to anonymous emails setting filters on email accounts reporting spammers to ISPs, who are beginning to get together to blacklist email abusers governments passing laws to punish persistent spammers with heavy fines Regular backups and security Just making something illegal or setting up regulations does not stop it happening. It is worth noting that there is little research focusing on the social influences of computer crimes. Internal controls act as a way to keep a company and its assets safe, as well as make sure that the company maintains complete and accurate accounting records. It is extremely hard tackling any crime through routine activity and policies focused in such an approach fail in meeting their target.

Viruses Viruses are relatively simple programs written by people and designed to cause nuisance or damage to computers or their files. There is a massive problem with many people around the world obtaining copyrighted material illegally. Copyright law This provides protection to the owners of the copyright and covers the copying of written, musical, or film works using computers.

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The strategies in the current Computer Misuse legislation fail in recognition of total involvement of the society in curbing these crimes Zaqashvili p. An individual can commit theft, trespassing, embezzlement and fraud. FAST is the industry body which is against software theft.

But are we truly helping our children by allowing the usage of these items in classroom settings.

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With minimal allocation for the project, and so much money targeted towards resilience measurers, it is not possible to aim at creating a change through the approach.

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The computer misuse act