An overview of the mentorship in the odyssey by homer

when did homer write the odyssey

Telemachus' successful transition to adulthood, to become truly his father's son, is achieved through the slaughter of the usurpers, the sexual torture and execution of the handmaids who had consorted with them, and the assertion of his and his father's rule in a final battle. Carter and S. Lyotard, J.

Skinner and Fleming, ; while others point to the very limited and individualistic concept of empowerment in such a context, as mentoring aims to "fit" young people into society as it exists, rather than equipping them with a critical understanding of society or of any means by which they themselves might seek to change it Merton and Parrott, N, Klein, E.

Who is mentor in the odyssey

Heubeck, A. Then how can we evaluate his mentorship and why was he chosen to promote the development of the plot in the Odyssey? For the moment, I will describe my attempts to find an authentic if not "valid" theoretical position which avoids the twin polarities of ultra-relativist idealism or positivist realism, both of which seem inadequate to me as approaches to explaining social phenomena. There is therefore also an "equally urgent need to see their unity, their interconnections, and their conversion - under certain conditions - into one another" Novack, Precious metals replaced this diversity of commodities. It is also noteworthy that Mentor-Athena is present and encourages Laertes to pray to Athena. I agree with Heubeck et al. Defining their characteristics on the basis of life experience, Aristotle pronounces the young impetuous, trusting, guileless, and brave a3-b12 , as opposed to the elderly, whom he describes as overcautious, mistrustful, ill-disposed, and cowardly ba Mentoring is the "in" thing. Washington, DC. On all of the above occasions, the prince exhibits remarkable appropriateness of deportment and judgment, thus validating his technical status as Odysseus' natural and legal heir. Nonetheless, my argument here is that the appearance of mentoring - in the form of its official discursive representations - is shaping and strengthening its structural essence, in ways that work against both mentors and mentees in current implementations of policies for education and youth transition. Let us see how some of the modern literature presents this myth before outlining Homer's own account. I cannot enter here into a discussion of the specific problematics of this agenda, but see, for example, Hodkinson et al, , Piper and Piper, , Williamson and Middlemiss, Their ineptitude is not inherent but circumstantial, the result of an assignment that is both age-inappropriate and out-of-character.

From this perspective, the model I have termed "Victorian" transformed the essence of mentoring from an intra-class mechanism to an instrument of domination of one class over another - yet with the same essential goal as the classical mentoring model, namely the preservation of the status and power of the ruling class.

We grew up together! As is often the case, Mentor here is Athena in disguise.


Eby et al. The present is presented as filtering down from the past - yet this "past" is itself a social construction filtered through the prism of the specific socio-historical context of the present, the past iche of a "prequel".

An overview of the mentorship in the odyssey by homer
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Mentor (Odyssey)