A report on my poor house

But the cost of administering such a program, auditing it and making sure it's not being gamed would erase the savings associated with it, as well as undermine the element of the program that has made it so successful. Her knowledge includes researching many different records from the United States, Germany and Poland.

Washington's poorhouses live on only in the name of a dive bar just blocks from the Capitol -- congressional staffers frequently imbibe at the "Pourhouse" on Pennsylvania Avenue -- but the rhetoric targeting their one-time denizens has survived to the modern day unscathed. He quickly realized his error and turned around.

Americans" -- were the "gentlemen of leisure in the gutters" in the s, as the New York Tribune put it. It's a different story than Obama tells.

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The commissioner didn't doubt their ability to provide, but he figured the woman would have another burdensome baby. Half of the Washington phone book, it seems, has recently offered some sort of deficit reduction plan that includes cuts to Social Security.

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The girls mixed effortlessly with the friends of their counterparts. It is evidence that people can do a better job insuring against life's cruel downturns by working together and pooling resources than by going it alone in the market.

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In it was a stove in many pieces held together with wire, a bedstead with rags for mattress and rags for covering.

Peter realised he needed to spend more time at home. West of Havre and from the highway, which was then gravel, it would look like a large farm — with the outbuildings, big garden and livestock — but it was a county-run poor farm.

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Were Your Ancestors in the Poor House? Here's How to Find Out